The day of team races came to an end with the victory of the first team of USA in the Nations Cup, and Peru 1in the South American Team Race Championship, gaining the title for 5th time in a row.

The sailors had arrived early at the venue, expecting to have the first race at around 1130 but the lack of wind posponed the starts till one hour later. Finally a South Westerly breeze built up and sailors were allowed to launch their boats.

The swell was not so big as during the first days of individual races and the wind speed increased as the day progressed and a change of direction to the South forced the Race Committee to postpone the races to make a change of course.

In the Nations Cup there were only 12 teams and teams USA 1, USA 2, ISV and USA 3 went directly to the second flight as they had no oponents in the first one. From that on, USA 1 won all the races (against CHI 3, ISV and USA 1) and waited while ISV went all the way through the losers' path leaving behind MEX, PUR and USA 2. In the finals, USA 1 won the first two races, securing the title without the need for a third race.

In the South American Championship it was Chile 1 who won all the races (including one against Peru 1) and arrived at the finals unbeaten. Meanwhile Peru 1 went the long way after losing against Chile, won the matches against ARG 1 and URU 1 and arrived at the finals. Once there, Peru sailed to their very best and won the first two races.

We would like to congratulate all the teams that participated, especilly the winners, and the Race Committee for completing both events in just one day, not an easy task!! Enjoy the spare day tomorrow!!

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