In the first few days at IODA events, you will have Equipment Inspection (Measurement). All competitors MUST submit their equipment to this Inspection. You will not be allowed to Race in the event if you have not passed the Measurement Inspection.

There will be a dedicated area, on the venue, for Measurement. You should find out where it is and go there as soon as possible, to make arrangements with the Measurement Team, in order to book in advance your Team Measurement Period. Each Country/Team will be given one period of time, on a specific day, in which the Full Team will have all their gear inspected.

Before starting your inspection, an IODA measurer will instruct your Team how to prepare and what to expect, from Measurement. If you follow these suggestions you will see that, although they will be using UltraSound Machines, Metal detectors and other HiTec tools, it’s quite easy and nothing to be scared of. Be patient and polite and our IODA team will teach you a few things you may not know about your Optimist.

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